Films and music, especially film music have always been a very big part of my life. I was introduced to the world of movies at a very early age, immediately becoming addicted to them.

To me there is something so captivating and intriguing about films and the scores that accompany them, that I could just go on for hours about this subject. A great film can do so much for the audience, even at times change the way we see things and that is exactly what the best films do. They deal with people in all kinds of situations and create a world that we can relate to emotionally. We start to embrace the characters, instantly feeling the emotion of the movie. Don’t get me wrong…a film should not always deal with a very serious, life-altering subject. I love to switch genres, diving into all different kinds of stories. A film can make you think, it can make you laugh and provide feelings of joy, excitement and drama.

A film is comprised of so many details and numerous people work around the clock to achieve the best results possible.
One of the movie’s biggest and most important aspects is the musical score. The marriage of visuals and music is something magical. Try to imagine some of the biggest moments in film (history) without a score and they wouldn’t be the same, would they? Each film requires a different kind and different amount of music. It is the composer’s job to figure out a way to enhance to emotional part of the movie. Hence the director / composer relationship is unbelievably important. The richness and power of the composer’s music helps the extend the director’s vision, elevating his film to new heights, touching an audience around the world.

Each year, I try to watch as many films as possible, in order to explore a new world and moving stories. I have always been very passionate about films and scores and that is exactly the reason why I want to write about it, expressing my feelings about this business and it is my distinct pleasure to be a part of this team. Now it is my goal to write about the industry that I love so much, the business that has always and will always be an integral part of my life! I hope you enjoy all of my contributions! Best, Michael Hollands



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